by nvmeri

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Dr. Beaf
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Dr. Beaf A simple search on the tag drums revealed these guys. The 80's music sounds are adorned by a great musical wit blending new and old together seamlessly. The rhythm guitar syncopation is terrific and complex as is the bass parts that really drive the tempo. The old school analog synths are bright and pronounced. Vocally, very good, confident and somewhat a highly. I can draw from their name (Nvmeri meaning Numbers) that there's something mathematical about it all. Very appealing music. Favorite track: 48.821,17.234.
Simon Maggart
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Simon Maggart I cant say how much i love this album. You need to keep making such amazing music. :D Favorite track: Hardwired.
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released May 5, 2013

All Music & Lyrics by NVMERI
Recorded at LVGNC Studios 2012
Recording Engineer: Marek Rakovický
Mixed by NVMERI
Mastered at Abbey Road Studios 2013
Mastering Engineer: Adam Nunn
Additional Mastering: Sean Magee


all rights reserved



nvmeri Slovakia

grew up in church
got older in clubs

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Track Name: Nvmeri
exactae abstractae aeterni gratiae nvmeri
Track Name: Hardwired
information’s getting over compressed
all of these headlines are hard to process
yesterday’s fight for freedom of speech
today i’m sifting facts on a digital beach

buzz, noise and hum
I’m getting tired of our
vague public diaries

hell, I succumb
i’m not fighting this
what have I now become?
I’m feeling numb

I think I got to get used to
a world full of brains on overdrive
I‘m losing track now of who’s who
and of what makes me feel alive
images show the surface
not enough when I’m about to dive

I feel this aching in the back of my head
I’m not at home and my phone’s almost dead
on the street we look bizarre
I’d rather use the link to your avatar
Track Name: Micro World
books, magazines, arguments and love affairs
heads bob, synced to the rhythm of this packed coupe
then I smile and people nod, but they just don’t understand
they are actors in this moment set to my
own headphones’ score

I leave my body as I sync with the swing
I’m half awake slouched down my limbs start to sink
eighty five miles an hour and the scene starts to blend
I revive (a) micro world where I’m
an invincible observer

nobody knows
what i know
or what I’m gonna do

stories unfold
in my micro world
but no one has a clue

a jolt awakes me and now all is reset
my collar has soaked up all my daydreaming sweat
now I feel a dozen eyes staring at me in a strange way
and my world dissolves as people find I’m
nothing but a
Track Name: Cornerstone
you said you always wanted to have your own chance
to take the plunge and move up higher
as it turned out the chance slipped too easy from your hands
where’s your fire
you seem tired

like a limestone all of your dreams have been drowned
forgot how it feels to be admired
the meaning of success was completely redefined
your advisors
bunch of liars

in the eye of a twister
the heavens will whisper
your name
and the cross you’ve been carrying will turn to gold

brother, hold on
you’re much closer to the yet unknown
it’s brighter up here
at the other end of the rope
I wish you could see
what’s beyond your comfort zone
concrete and steel
becoming your cornerstone

moving away seemed to be a perfect plan
to materialize all of your desires
but the tough world made you an extraordinary man
and the fire
burns even higher
Track Name: Detachment
led by
wet eye
sweat dried
drive slow

little feet
on the seat
his defeat
is your let-go
/: you just go, you don’t know :/

the endless horizon is the destination
just to fade in the dawn
by this time he’s read your resignation
it had to stop

have to give your kids an explanation
why this road won’t lead home
it’s hard to talk through hyperventilation
have to stop

stale smell
from hell
/: every cell, rings a bell:/

the more you tried to save yourself from breaking
the more the wheel steered you wrong
only those whose foundation’s been shaking
will understand

how many times can one bear to reach the ceiling
then get smashed to the floor
only distance brings the needed healing

far away
keep pressing on
it’s over
Track Name: Wayfarer
I’m a frequency invisible to the eye
I float through hollow space through endless nights
so I traced the place where water bathes the land
and I thought that I might take a look

fade to blue as I enter the local atmosphere
I see life on ground, in oceans
the oxygen makes all crystal clear

I’ve been called down to earth to observe
the moving life, the birthplace of verve
despite the wilderness of elements
there’s a unity beyond perfect sense

I envy your home
‘cause the place I come from
is a desert of rock
an unbreathable fog

how I cherish that song
so sing to the young
from the top of their lungs
the hills sing along

oh oh

and the soil gives birth to every kind of seed
it gives breath to being and ground for its feet
what’s the force that pushes you to survive
do you just fear death? or do you love life?
Track Name: Ghost Town
we warn the brave under the pine
strengthened we join the tired front line
must rid the zombies from our lawn

drums drumming
fighting for freedom one on one
unlimited ammo for our guns
must reach their base
by dawn

miss the days when we used to play
on the streets of our ghost town
a vacant place, imaginations rebuilt
everything around
how we spat off the bridge and
didn’t care about tv
sure supplies by Sergeant Fridge, a little
government of geeks

call the feds
we made a huge discovery
an alien built sanctuary
someone just turned the flashlight on

digging holes
as deep as an arm’s length we explore
must be the bones of dinosaurs
millions of years
walked upon

fast forward
screen is blurred
plot inverts

as kids we want to play our jobs
once big our job is to show up
but as my world burns to the ground
some kids make it their own ghost town
Track Name: Cycles
circle’s closing
thinking of what you could have said
the past is frozen
so it’ll be this very day

let me remind you
you are a product of history
but where you’re going
is part of future’s mystery
can you imagine now?

we’re sorry when we see things go
and there’s no time to keep them here
the ending’s just as much the show
as is the very start

free decisions
the options aren’t optional
soon suppressed by the rational

feel the presence
you can just lay down and wait
but you can’t stop time from
flowing slowly to its fate
can you imagine now?

(like) laser beams cut through the night in
slow motion
Track Name: Hopeful Plea
stone by stone
frame by frame
we’ve learned to ask for more

while we drown in a sea
of luxury
we feed but starve our souls

a dumb show

I’m afraid
beauty is a bit out of date
it fades away
let’s venerate the art of trade

tales told
of heroes awarded with gold
same mold
that makes our fools feel secure and bold

in defense of existence
hear my hopeful plea
let’s not burn the decree: diversity,
let it breed on its own

we’re not clones

Dum inter homines sumus, colamus humanitatem
Track Name: Coal Stains
I need to go
to the unknown
your closing line to friends sounds so intense
and final
the wind is low
depressed, I’m heading west, I want to grow

the air’s dense
like a fire
melted all your plans from the instance
you aspired
on a fence
it’s plain it’s worth the pain you need to go

join us, we’re all beginners
royal circle of sinners
coal mining foreigners
away from home
you’ve found your place
the yet unknown
our headless race must seem from space
so trivial, convivial
the stars are still unchanged from here
Track Name: Sophia
I turned around and found
you strolling down through the crowd
You beg for one look at your face
they don’t seem concerned whatsoever
they don’t know your serfs stay forever
while you keep them drunk

oh Sophia
gentle Sophia

you spark each question mark
invite me to ignite the unknown
we stayed at home all alone when
most of my peers had fun
in the sun

and then you promised me
you’d keep me from certainty
as I keep your commandment
graciously given to all men
“to ask again”

teach me to hold my tongue
rather keep me drunk
sing me one of your songs

gentle sophia
oh sophia

she romances with her simple dance
she illuminates the eager
every day, she grants another chance
to drink her wine and please her

I turn around and find
you strolling down through the crowd
I beg for one look at your face
it is scarred but soft
kindly though weathered
please, dear, correct my endeavours
as long as we can stay together…