I don't think so

by nvmeri

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we're so happy to bring you the new album after 4 years of waiting. thank you for listening and sharing and supporting us. it means a lot to us.

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nvmeri is
Pišta Kráľovič: vocals, guitars, synths, mixing
Palo Javorník: drums, vocals, percussion
Miro Tuchyňa: bass, vocals



released July 21, 2017

huge S/O goes to:

Juraj Medveď Marikovič
for sharing his Fat Music Studio, patience with countless takes and priceless advice

Adel Medeova & Timo Majerski
for turning trains of thoughts into something meaningful

for singing on 'false promises'. we fell in love with your voice. it's as much beautiful as you as a person malidah.bandcamp.com

Tomáš Gaex Karásek
for mastering and guidance. always a pleasure to work with you man www.gaex.org

Marek Pupák and Patrícia Kvasnovská
for cool promo pics

Joe Trendy
for helping us with the promotion. cause he's a mad person.

all you friends & families, spirit animals and genetic mutants. the underground heroes who will never take the credit.


all rights reserved



nvmeri Slovakia

grew up in church
got older in clubs

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Track Name: art of the trial
things are about to blow
better act like a grown man
should I let go of control
or stick with the main plan

I’m scared but acting pro
the ride seems unmanned
I’m not sure I’m good to go
analysis fantasies panic oh

I’ve been searching so long
for the place I can land
when a way out is within reach
I don’t want it to end

I hide like an animal
instincts of a cave man
been asking for miracle
bring it on amen

but the timing is critical
no one warned me when
I’ll be reaching the pinnacle
analysis fantasies panic oh

things are about to blow
better act like a grown man
a man that I’ve never known
am I gonna withstand
it’s time to go radical
something illogical
I’ve been trying
Track Name: short of oxygen
the roar tonight
the speed of light

Panic is alright, calm down

the rush of blood
then pray to god

The panic is alright, calm down

Sit tight, adjust
the bank, the thrust

Panic is alright, calm down

Kick up your feet
But what’s that heat?
oh no

all the lights started to flash, as we are
short of oxygen
Space and time is being warped as we’ve gone
into a steep descent

Wrinkles set in,
stretching the skin

as we are land bound, no sound

belt up, be quiet
Don’t start a riot

as we are land bound, no sound

missed all the goals
land on all fours

as we are land bound, no sound

the shell’s intact
brace for impact

as we are land bound, no sound

Butt dial my mum
She might be asleep
engine two down
Guess this is it

who’s this tea cup
left on the dashboard
We really messed up
Track Name: time to shine
Why are you covering your mirror?
Blinds are rolled down
tell me why aren’t you being clearer?
You want me around

Blank faces shaping the season
Thoughts don’t breakout
if you are feeling down with no reason
There’s a way out

any minute
I’ll peek through your window
just let me breathe it
I’ll stand on my tiptoes

so roll your blinds up
Why won’t you see it?
whatever the problem
we will defeat it

Make room it’s my time to shine
Strike through your storyline
Track Name: error
I’m a spark
lurking back there in the dark
Circled in by question marks
Fleeing away from boulevards
to trailer parks

I’m a dance
try to track my moves take a chance
I’m led by a plain circumstance
I leave no trace of physical

taking down
kings and queens
to their knees

I give no
warning signs
I appear
as I please

as I see fit

a million miles
I killed many skilled ones in their cars
pureness behind the iron bars
the way I step in is almost
a work of art

would be nice
To steer on the roads of slippery ice
could we become those allies?
take my advice it may work once
but it won’t work twice
Track Name: blue church
it’s that place where the blue church stands
two blocks down the street
that reminds me of the old days
where we would meet

I never cared for right and wrong
those rules never worked for me
but the trouble shared is a trouble halved
for those in need

tell me
your heart
I’ll hear

What it could be
tell me
your heart
just speak honestly

whether you’re weathered or broken
you can hear it when you walk by
for you, the door will stay always open
if you need a place to cry

I miss the days I woke up grateful
instead of thinking what’s to come
not striving for a reward
Enjoying the sun

I hope you keep your little church in mind
Track Name: false promises (ft. Malidah)
lower your defense
in the name of facts
when the old shall pass
new world order

message through the wires
will be amplified
go tell all your friends
new world order

hail to you

bring back the
feed us

lightning and
the art of

give us blind

either fall in line
or just walk away
we must thrive to build
new world order

take our fears away
with more promises
under burning flags
new world order
Track Name: white flag
Darkness falls, buzzing cityline
street lit up by the neon sign
I’m afraid when I go to sleep
I derail trains of thoughts with cheap thrills

I get weird dreams at night
facing beasts I can’t fight
and the more I push through
the firmer the concrete
one last thing I could do

so I chose to lay back
and just bleed
awaiting the pain
but I felt none

Time to lose the control
and retreat
if that’s all it takes then
I am done

so I chose to lay back
and just bleed
awaiting the pain
but I felt none

Time to lose the control
making space for my soul
to breathe
cause I am done

all clues point my own head’s a trap
I’m a maze that came with no map
turn my back against all beliefs
pale white flag is my ache relief pill

glide up and down the sine
trying to realign
Track Name: dynamite
are we on that again
stop, before we get stuck
spark of adrenaline
shock, I’m thunderstruck

again it’s something cheesy
That makes me feel uneasy
So low

are you threatening me
Felt a little misled
words of mutiny
Fled, right over my head

come talk to me, I’m clueless
how often we’ve been through this
Don’t know

but tonight
please don’t try to drag me into a fight
I’ve got so many different things on mind

don’t ignite
the dynamite

hear the cracks?
trailer slowly moving off the tracks
I really suck at countering your attacks

stay aside

menacing on the couch
Tricks I don’t deserve
there is no time to slouch
In the learning curve

Impressing me with tactics?
I see you’ve had some practice
No proof

Almost pulled the plug
wipe the sweat off my hands
a child of purest luck
praise the winner by chance

The air’s electrifying
embrace it or die trying
Your move
Track Name: until
hold still.
tumbling downhill

if there’s nothing else you can do
if there’s no one else to call to
hold still until you push through

no will
no use for skill

there’s nothing else you can do
there’s no one else to call to
hold still until you push through

and even if the whole weight is on you

hold still
tumbling downhill